We’re Studying Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Pregnancy

Let’s improve the health of moms and babies.

MotherToBaby is currently enrolling women in a study examining coronavirus (COVID-19) and pregnancy health. All of our research is observational and is conducted by phone — you will not be asked to take any medications, make changes to your normal routine, or travel. Optional free antibody testing to check for past COVID-19 infection may be available for qualifying pregnancies if you are willing to travel to a near-by lab.

Are you currently or recently pregnant? Did you have known or suspected COVID-19 infection at any point in your pregnancy or within 30 days of your last menstrual period before you got pregnant? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you have the opportunity to help us learn more about COVID-19 in pregnancy.

“We believe our study’s results can help women and their doctors become better informed about COVID-19 infection during pregnancy.”

— Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH,, UC San Diego Center for Better Beginnings, Lead Investigator, MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies

We conduct independent research on infections in pregnancy, and are dedicated to improving health care for women and their babies.

Join Our COVID-19 Study

All information provided will be kept confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to anyone.

Questions? Call 866.626.6847 | Text 855.999.3525 | Email or Chat at MotherToBaby.org.

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