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Partnerships & Resources for a Healthier California

MotherToBaby Californias bilingual (English/Spanish) experts work with health organizations and community partners across California to provide scientific, evidence-based information on the risk/safety of a variety of exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding including medications, maternal health conditions, workplace hazards, and more. This service is provided at no-cost to both healthcare providers and the general public.

MotherToBaby California is housed at the University of California San Diego’s Center for Better Beginnings, located in the Department of Pediatrics.

Watch our online presentation about MotherToBaby California’s program and services to learn more about us and how we can support pregnant and breastfeeding persons at your organization in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Community Education Opportunities

We partner with community organizations to further educate their staff and/or clients about pregnancy and breastfeeding exposure risks and safety information. This education helps support healthier communities by reducing the risk of birth defects and other adverse outcomes for mom and baby. Partners can request MotherToBaby California specialists to give educational talks to the general public and to employees on the topic of general or specific exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding or on MotherToBaby’s services and research studies. We can also partner with you by co-hosting or participating in both virtual and (during non-pandemic times) live, in-person community events including festivals, health fairs, social media events, and more. Please use interest form to establish a partnership or to request more information.

Information Service

Professionals and families need to know if an exposure is safe for mom and baby. Call, chat, or email for a free personalized risk assessment on exposures in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our experts work with health organizations and community partners across California on agricultural, occupational, medication, and drugs and substance use exposures, among many others.

Exposure Fact Sheets & Infographics

A great starting point to learn about exposures is on our website. We’ve organized popular exposure topics and available resources in English and Spanish.

Access our full library of Fact Sheets online 24/7 for bilingual (English and Spanish) information on 250+ exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Search the collection by exposure type including medications, infections, workplace exposures, and more. MotherToBaby California has also created this infographic packet to help public health professionals, health departments, and community organizations communicate some of the most popular exposure topics to limited-language proficient and bilingual (Spanish/English) populations. Please contact us to request free printed copies with accompanying fact sheets to distribute to your community.

Patient Education & Provider Materials

We offer free patient education materials and provider resources about our information service and pregnancy studies. Request our printed marketing tools to help your community make more informed decisions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Share our Spanish-language landing page with quick information about exposures with pregnant and breastfeeding women. A quick form will connect her to our expert team if there are any questions about content or if she would like more information on other exposures.

We look forward to partnering with your organization, and improving the health of moms and babies!

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Disclaimer: MotherToBaby Fact Sheets are meant for general information purposes and should not replace the advice of your health care provider. MotherToBaby is a service of the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS). OTIS/MotherToBaby recognizes that not all people identify as “men” or “women.” When using the term “mother,” we mean the source of the egg and/or uterus and by “father,” we mean the source of the sperm, regardless of the person’s gender identity. Copyright by OTIS, January 9, 2021.