Pregnancy Studies

Although medications are frequently used during pregnancy, pregnant women are generally not allowed to be in studies designed to test drug safety because of the potential risks to the fetus. As a result, many drugs come to market with little to no information about the potential risks of taking the drug while pregnant. The goal of MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies is to provide this critical information so expectant moms and their healthcare providers can make informed treatment decisions.

Over 3,900 women have volunteered and 2,900 healthcare providers have referred their patients to participate in one or more of our pregnancy studies. Help us help future moms and babies by becoming one of them.

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Ongoing Studies

We currently have studies on the following topics:

You may qualify for one or more of our studies if you are currently pregnant and:

  • You have asthma or an autoimmune disease.
  • You have received one or more of the vaccines listed above.
  • You do not have an autoimmune disease or asthma, and/or you have chosen not to receive one or more of the vaccines listed above.

Our studies are observational, which means you will not be asked to take any medications or vaccines or change any part of your routine. If you qualify for a study, you will not only have the opportunity to interact with our expert staff who can provide additional support during your pregnancy, you will also play a key role in helping us learn more about the safety of medications and/or vaccines during pregnancy for your benefit and the benefit of pregnant women and their babies in the future.

To sign up for a study now, click here and provide the information requested. You will then be contacted by one of our information specialists.

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Past Studies

MotherToBaby research findings contribute significantly to the field of teratogenesis, which is the study of how birth defects develop. Our investigators present their research results yearly at numerous national scientific meetings and have a number of scientific publications in top peer reviewed journals.

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Join A Study Today!

There are no medications and no needles involved in our studies; in fact, you won’t have to change anything in your routine!

Help us provide future moms and their healthcare providers with the information they need about the safety of medications and vaccines in pregnancy. Share your pregnancy by signing up today.

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Our Study Team

At MotherToBaby, we have a large professional research team working in many areas to ensure that the studies are properly carried out and that you have a rewarding experience both during your pregnancy and after you deliver your baby.

Meet Our Study Team

Benefits of Participating

  • Reassurance and peace of mind by having access to friendly and knowledgeable information specialists who can answer any questions you might have about exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • The joy and excitement of following your baby’s development when you complete a fun and instructive questionnaire.
  • If you qualify, you’ll receive a free in-home examination of your baby by the nation’s leading pediatric specialists, as seen in this video. Learn more about our pediatric specialists here.
  • Select studies offer compensation for your time in completing phone interviews.
  • The satisfaction and pride of knowing that you belong to a special group of women who are taking charge of their health and helping future moms and babies by volunteering to help us find answers about the safety of medications and vaccines during pregnancy.