Thank You For Helping Moms Everywhere!

Your partnership is valuable to us! With your help, we are learning about the effects of medications, vaccines, and maternal medical conditions in pregnancy. The information you’re providing can help us improve the health of future moms and babies everywhere.

Here are a few forms that you may find useful:

Have you moved? Let us know!

Keeping in contact with our enrolled moms for the duration of the study helps us collect the information needed to answer the important questions we have. If you’ve moved or changed your contact information, please download our Change of Address form and let us know!

Have you changed healthcare providers? Let us know!

It’s not uncommon for a pregnant or new mom to change healthcare providers (whether her own or her baby’s). If you make that switch, let us know about your new provider by downloading our Healthcare Provider Information Form.

Need a diary to help you remember your pregnancy exposures? We’ve got one for you!

Since we only talk to you a few times during and after your pregnancy, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to remember the things you’ve been exposed to such as prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vaccines, and recreational substances. “My Pregnancy Diary” is the perfect tool – and you can download yours right here!