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Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention

The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention (BDRP) was established in 1960 as the Teratology Society. Today, this international multidisciplinary scientific society consists of approximately 700 members specializing in a variety of laboratory and clinical disciplines, including developmental and reproductive biology and toxicology, epidemiology, cell and molecular biology, nutrition, genetics, maternal-fetal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, medical genetics, and pregnancy risk counseling. BDRP’s Annual Meeting is held concurrently with the OTIS Annual Meeting at the end of June each year. Every two years BDRP co-hosts, with the American College of Toxicology, a Practical Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology course for industrial and regulatory scientists; and co-sponsors, with OTIS and the University of South Florida, the Human Teratogens course for healthcare practitioners. BDRP publishes the scientific journal, Birth Defects Research, a subscription to which is a benefit of BDRP membership. Learn more at www.birthdefectsresearch.org. Find BDRP on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Text4baby is the first mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health through text messaging. Text4baby is a free service provided by nonprofit, ZERO TO THREE (ZTT), and Voxiva, Inc., in collaboration with founding partners, CTIA Wireless Foundation, and Grey Healthcare Group (a WPP company). Women who text BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411 receive three free text messages a week, timed to their due date or their baby’s birth date, through pregnancy and up until the baby’s first birthday.

The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs) are a source of medical information and advice on environmental conditions that influence reproductive and children’s health. PEHSUs are academically based, typically at university medical centers, and are located across the United States and Canada.

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) is a non-profit, membership organization based in Washington, DC. With more than 3,500 physicians, scientists and women’s health professionals around the world, the Society supports the clinical practice of maternal-fetal medicine by providing education, promoting research and engaging in advocacy to optimize the health of high-risk pregnant women and their babies. SMFM hosts an annual scientific meeting in which new ideas and research related to high-risk pregnancies are unveiled and discussed. For more information, visit www.smfm.org.

PatientsLikeMe is a free, online patient network where people can connect with others who have the same condition, and track and share their own experiences. When members share information on PatientsLikeMe, they generate data about the real-world nature of disease that helps industry partners develop more effective products, services and care.

CreakyJoints, part of the nonprofit Global Healthy Living Foundation, was founded in 1999 as an online support community for people living arthritis. Since then CreakyJoints has grown to a community of over 90,000 by providing meaningful support, education, innovative advocacy and global research projects.

MyHealthTeams creates free social networks for chronic condition communities. People diagnosed with a chronic condition can get perspective and validation from other informed patient-peers who have been in their shoes. See the current and growing list of social networks that MyHealthTeams has created here. The sites are only for those diagnosed with a condition and not healthcare providers.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society believes people affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever. The Society helps people affected by MS by funding cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward. Learn more at www.NationalMSSociety.org.

The Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) is the leading US nonprofit organization 100% dedicated to improving the lives of people living with all forms of spondyloarthritis. Visit us for trusted and physician vetted information on spondyloarthritis, for support resources and programs, and to connect with others living with these conditions.

The National CMV Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness, providing access to resources and sharing prevention information to eliminate congenital CMV. To learn more visit www.nationalcmv.org.

The Mighty publishes real stories by real people facing real challenges. Having a chronic illness while pregnant doesn’t have to be isolating – that’s why The Mighty exists. Check out their stories about chronic illness, pregnancy, and mental illness.

The Patient Education Genius gives clinicians one access point for the world’s best evidence-based patient education resources. Combining an ever-expanding library of over 50,000 titles with simple digital delivery tools and never-before-documented insight into clinician and patient behavior, the Patient Education Genius is designed to facilitate shared decision-making at the point of care.

The Allergy & Asthma Network is a national patient education and advocacy nonprofit dedicated to ending needless death and suffering due to asthma, allergies and related conditions through outreach, education, advocacy and research.

The FH Foundation is a patient-centered nonprofit organization dedicated to education and research of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). The mission of the FH Foundation is to raise awareness and save lives by increasing the rate of early diagnosis and encouraging proactive treatment. To learn more about FH and the FH Foundation, visit www.thefhfoundation.org.

The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) is a grass-root, patient-driven, independent, national organization with members across Canada and supporters both Canadian and International. CAPA has created a number of educational resources for people with arthritis including a resource on pregnancy and parenting with arthritis.

The Foundation of the National Lipid Association (NLA) is a patient-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of patients and families affected by cholesterol and triglyceride problems. Their values are education, awareness, and advocacy.

PCNA is the leading nursing organization dedicated to preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) through assessing risk, facilitating lifestyle changes, and guiding individuals to achieve treatment goals. This is accomplished through the integration of public and professional education and advocacy. The current state of healthcare demands that nurses play a leading role in identifying and implementing cardiovascular risk reduction strategies. PCNA is committed to educating and supporting nurses so that they may successfully rise to this challenge.

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