TORONTO, CANADA – Ahead of the Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise (FACE) Research Network’s 15th anniversary, as well as the international MotherToBaby/Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS) joint conference with the European Network of Teratology Services (ENTIS), MotherToBaby experts landed a primetime opportunity on CTV, Canada’s largest privately-owned television network, to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

In the following video, reporter Pauline Chan tells the story of Savannah Pietrantonio, 47, who struggles daily with her symptoms of FASD. Dr. Kenneth Lyons Jones, MotherToBaby/OTIS president, as well as Dr. Gideon Koren, director of MotherToBaby’s Canadian affiliate Motherisk, explain why it’s often underdiagnosed:

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