PBS – As many parents struggle with decisions about whether or not they should vaccinate their children, diseases that were once nearly eradicated in many parts of the world are making a comeback. Why is whooping cough now an epidemic? Measles and mumps are back with a fury as well. NOVA’s “Vaccines- Calling the Shots” gives a historical background about vaccines and the threats the once nearly-extinct diseases are posing in today’s society.

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Many pregnant mothers contact MotherToBaby because they are concerned about the risks of flu vaccination to their unborn child. Studies have shown that prenatal exposure to some vaccines, such as the flu shot, is not associated with negative outcome. In fact, diseases like the flu can carry a much greater risk to the mother and her developing fetus than the vaccine that prevents the infection. It is important for mothers and other adults who come in contact with children to be vaccinated against the flu.

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