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Alcohol, Tobacco & Marijuana: What You Need To Know During Breastfeeding

By Beth Conover, APRN, CGC, MotherToBaby Nebraska So…you were really good during your entire pregnancy, giving up every drop of alcohol, quitting smoking tobacco, and, of course, avoiding any drug like marijuana. You were concerned about the development of your baby, and doing everything you could to make a healthy outcome more likely. Good job! […]

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Father’s Day Food for Thought: Zika in a Man’s World

By Patricia Markland Cole, MPH, MotherToBaby Massachusetts **This information was current as of the time the blog was published. However, information is constantly changing. Please visit Zika Central for the latest information.** When it comes to pregnancy, so much of the attention is focused on the woman: her nutrition, her health, her behavior and just […]

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Forging Ahead With Facts As Her Fuel

By Jennifer Lemons, MS, CGC, MotherToBaby Texas TIPS It was the longest 3 minutes of her life. As she opened her eyes to glance at the test, her heart stopped. She couldn’t breathe. Frantically, she tore open the instructions that came with the test to confirm what she already knew. She was pregnant. She laid […]

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A Slippery Topic: The Use of Essential Oils during Pregnancy

By Chris Colón, Certified Genetic Counselor at MotherToBaby Arizona We here at MotherToBaby are always looking for new and interesting topics to write about in our monthly blog series. We like to make sure that we do our best to target questions and concerns that are important to our readers. We of course spend a […]

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Combatiendo Las Picaduras: Guía de la mujer para evitar Zika en el embarazo

Por Patricia Markland Cole, MPH, MotherToBaby Massachusetts Zika Zika Zika…dondequiera que vas alguien está hablando sobre el Zika, y no es difícil entender porque. El otoño pasado en Brasil, los casos comenzaron a aparecer con frecuencia inusual. Los proveedores de salud notaron un aumento en bebes nacidos con cabezas pequeñas y pequeños cerebros, un defecto […]

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  • "Thank you SO much for all of your help! I personally made many calls to MotherToBaby Arizona as we were navigating through the adoption process for 2.5 years. Each time we were presented with a situation and a birth mother, I would always call Dee Quinn first to discuss her medical history & current medication, etc. Dee patiently listened & answered all of my questions regarding each expectant birth mother. She served as a sounding board & played a very important part of our adoption process. We are very grateful to have had an expert’s insight into each situation & whether or not the particular situation was a good fit for our family. We felt much more comfortable with the advice of a professional when we were not sure where else to turn. I highly recommend that people take advantage & use this great service. I am happy to report that after 2.5 years, Dee helped us decide to adopt our son. We will happily refer anyone with questions regarding medications & other exposures during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Thank you Dee & MotherToBaby!" - Christy from Arizona
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