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Birth Defects Prevention Month Series: Vaccination in Pregnancy-It Doesn’t Have to Be a Painful Decision

By Beth Conover, APRN, CGC MotherToBaby Nebraska, UNMC “I am 20 weeks pregnant…when is it safe to get my flu shot?” The texted question came in to the MotherToBaby texting helpline, and the answer that I texted back was simple – “As soon as possible…it’s safe at any time in pregnancy and really important for […]

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Birth Defects Prevention Month Series: Making Medication Decisions in Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

By Ginger Nichols, Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor at MotherToBaby Connecticut With Birth Defects Prevention Month in full swing, it’s time to focus on Tip #2 for Preventing Birth Defects: Booking a visit with your health care provider before stopping or starting any medicine. Callers to MotherToBaby often wonder why it’s important to talk with their […]

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Birth Defects Prevention Month Series: Planning a pregnancy? It is never too soon to reach a healthy weight!

By Lori Wolfe, CGC, MotherToBaby North Texas Nicole called me in tears. She had been trying to become pregnant for the past nine months and was not having any luck. She asked if it could be due to being overweight. As I talked with Nicole, I found out she is about 100 pounds over a […]

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A Not-So-Silent Night: Restless Legs Syndrome and Pregnancy

By Patricia Markland Cole, MPH, MotherToBaby Massachusetts I heard the pregnant mom on the phone say, “I get this miserable feeling at night with my legs. I feel this constant urge to move my legs and it feels like ants crawling all over. It only happens at night and I just cannot rest like I […]

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Keeping Your Cool during Pregnancy When Fire Season Heats Up

By Sonia Alvarado and Kirstie Perrotta, MPH, MotherToBaby California By now you’ve likely heard about the fires taking place in Northern and Southern California. They have consumed thousands of acres of land, destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses, and killed humans and animals in their homes and cars. Smoke and ash have covered much of […]

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