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Allergies, Asthma and Pregnancy…Oh My! Wait. Don’t Panic.

Mara Gaudette, MS, a genetic counselor for MotherToBaby provides information on asthma, allergies and the medications to treat these conditions during pregnancy in this month’s MotherToBaby blog. If you have specific questions, call 866-626-6847 toll-FREE!

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A Mother’s Day Memo: ‘Excited To Be A Mom, But Please Excuse Me If I Hurl’

By Lynn Martinez, Teratogen Information Specialist, MotherToBaby Utah “O.K., so I can’t look at pizza the same way. Saltine crackers seem to be my go-to snack for sustenance and don’t even SAY the word ‘curry!’ Oh no, I said it… Please excuse me while I hurl,” said Nicole, 34, who’s pregnant with her second child. […]

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Breaking Bad Habits During Spring Break: Why Alcohol And Pregnancy Continues To Be A Problem

By Sonia Alvarado, Senior Teratogen Information Specialist, MotherToBaby CA Spring break 2014, which, for some, actually fell at the end of winter this year, is in full swing. Many students are back to school working diligently toward their degree. For some students, Spring break means a trip back home, a trip abroad for cultural education […]

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MS: The Diagnosis That Doesn’t Mean Missing Out On Motherhood

By Neda Ebrahimi , Teratogen Information Specialist, Motherisk As a counselor with Motherisk, the Canadian partner of MotherToBaby and a service of the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS), I hear many stories from women about pregnancy. Some of those stories strike cords with me. Their urgency and desire to make the healthiest decisions possible […]

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Clearing The Smoke About Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Unless you don’t own a television and never listen to the radio, you know that marijuana has been in the news a lot lately…For specific questions about the risks of marijuana during pregnancy, call MotherToBaby experts at 866-626-6847.

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  • "When I called MotherToBaby looking for information on medication to use during pregnancy, I was pleasantly surprised to speak with someone who relayed her information with kindness, wisdom, and validation for my concerns as opposed to mechanically dispensing facts. Chris was supportive and patient as she walked me through each question and concern, no matter how seemingly trivial. I am truly blessed to have spoken with such a compassionate and knowledgeable counselor and will certainly be calling again with any other questions that may arise. Thank you Chris and MotherToBaby!" - Julianne from AZ
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